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Cops and Body Cameras

Even though every cop will likely wear a recording device in the not-too-distant future, a new report reveals there's little consensus about how to use them.

Corporate Entrepreneurs 

Corporate Entrepreneurs Are at the Heart of Downtown Revitalizations

I Want To Be A Mayor

We have brought you many articles and columns about how cities are stepping up to the plate and making tough choices.

There's an app for that!

Recently, we brought you an article about how cities are embracing new technologies to help them run more efficiently.

An initiative of Living Cities and the Citi Foundation   

The City Accelerator aims to help accelerate the adoption of promising innovations within and across cities.

Cities Ramp Up Data Projects

Cities nationwide are embracing new technologies that generate measurable data. How to use this data and for what purposes is a question that many cities are still answering.

What Foxx's Nomination Means   

Mayor Foxx was chosen the take his transportation know-how to Washington.