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Welcome to the Florida League of Mayors Website!

The Florida League of Mayors is the official nonpartisan organization of mayors in the state of Florida, created in November of 2005, during a meeting in Orlando of the Florida League of Cities members.

Our primary goal is to provide a platform of outreach to citizens for Florida's mayors, who are a part of a powerful tier of established and emerging leaders.  From this platform, mayors may better serve cities by speaking out on important, urgent issues faced by Florida's cities.



Picture One:  Mayor Frank Ortis, City of Pembroke Pines swearing in Mayor Sam Ferreri, City of Greenacres as the new President of the Florida League of Mayors for 2014-2015.  Picture Two:  President Ferreri presenting the “Outgoing President’s Plaque” to Mayor Ortis, City of Pembroke Pines.   Congradulations Mayors!


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